casual bouj

Untitled #555


No male on this motherly earth can deny the fact that they love and sincerely adore the perfect denim jeans and a pair of versatile designer sneakers. This outfit to me gives me a feeling of ‘I’m tryna be casual but I still want you to look and notice the f£$k out of my unintended boujiness’.
Motor cycle jacket :: Neil Barrett
Denims ::  Balmain
Sneaker :: Christian Louboutin

Detailed simplicity

Untitled #553


But did you catch the details on the white shirt? It must be annoying as a man to walk into a club and feel as if you’re wearing a masculine uniform as every other guy is most likely dressed up in a ‘classic white shirt’ Im not saying being cliche and playing it safe is distasteful but gosh add a tad bit of life to your ‘uniform’ kids
White shirt ::  Alexander mcqueen
Denims :: Balmain
Sneakers :: Christian Louboutin
Watch :: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak