simple boldness

Untitled #533

Prior to my previous blogs I’m sure you guys can tell I’m an honest groupie for plain outfits with astonishing bold accessories. I truly believe that an outfit that stands out is made up of a main piece that is minimal, plain and simple then dressed up by surrounding accessories such as loud bags and shoes. I matched this strappy and classy bodycon dress with a pair of Louboutin’s statement leopard print ‘So Kate’ pumps as well as a Hermés candy coloured bag.

Dress :: Alexander Wang :: Price N/A as the dress sold out

Heels :: Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ :: £530

Bangle :: Hermès :: £420

Bag :: Hermès :: The prices of Hermès bags are clearly extremely high due to the production and materials teamed up to create their beautiful bags. This Candy coloured bag can be replaced with more affordable bag such as CÈLINE, CHANEL or Givenchy as they deal with bright coloured bags.

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