About Me


Hey everyone! I’m Ang. I’m a new fashion and life blogger based in London. I have been working on fashion material which is blog related for about 4 years now. I have always been into fashion from a young age because of my mother (you can say the genes moved around well :D). I have never been brave enough to go out there and display my little bit of fashion sense but I thought why not? as my peers kept advising me to. Im only trying to cope at this so please let me get the hang of this guys!

My posts will be based on outfits, reviews on fashion items and maybe a tad bit of beauty! I’m not really a beauty type of person therefore those type of posts will be limited!

I go by the name SnobbyAng because people always assume I’m a snob but I like to surprise them by showing them the truth 😉

Hope to enjoy this blog with you all


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